Notary - Workshops Frequent Questions:

1.    What if I am registered and cannot attend my class? Answer: call (336) 334-4822 x. 55012, 55032, or 53037 OR email rmpointdujour@gtcc.edu within 24 hours, regardless of whether the class occurred on a Saturday, to be transferred to another class or to request a refund.

2.     Do I need the book before class?  Answer: Yes, the Notary Public Workshops require a book.  If you do not have the Notary guidebook with you, you will be asked to leave the class.  It is a North Carolina State Requirement. However, no book needs to be purchased for the E-Notary class. A manual will be provided in class for no additional charge.

3.    Where can I purchase the book? They may be purchased at any of our campus bookstores for $25.75 The book used is: Notary Public Guidebook for North Carolina, 10th Edition, 2006.

4.     If I live out of state but I am moving to N.C., can I be commissioned in North Carolina? Answer: Yes, if you have a valid Driver's License.  However, your Notary commission will only apply in North Carolina.  Example: If you live in Virginia, but work in Greensboro, you can only be a notary in North Carolina.

5.     What is an E-Notary class? Answer: E-Notary is NOT an on-line class.  To take E-Notary, you must first be a Notary. E-Notary is simply a software specific method of notarizing documents.   Example: If a Real Estate business  and automobile agencies are nationwide, they may have E-Notary application so they can handle out- of- state business.

6.     How do I sign up? Answer: You must register prior to the class. Once identifying the course code of the date you would like to attend on the previous page, look for the block of links that begins with "Certifications & Licensures," "Computer Training," "Corporate Training," etc. and find the "Register Now" link. Once you are taken to the registration portal, you will need to input the course code in the appropriate box, including dashes or spaces

7.     How long is the class?  Answer: A Notary Public Workshop is 7 hours in length and E-Notary classes are 3 hours in length.

8.    When and where do I take my test and purchase my stamp?  Answer: You will be tested in class. If you are successful, you will receive your application to send in to the Secretary of State. Once you receive your certificate  from the Secretary of State, you may purchase your notary seal at any office supply store of your choice. There are also different styles and prices. Some employers purchase the stamp for their employees.


Last update 03/03/2014