Program_Code Currcode8 Program
A35100D1 A35100D1 A/C, Heating, Refrigeration (diploma)
A25100C1 A25100C1 Accounting (certificate)
A25100D1 A25100D1 Accounting (diploma)
A60200C1 A60200C1 Air Frame and Power Plant Option (certificate)
A60200C2 A60200C2 Airframe Option (certificate)
A60160C6 A60160C6 Alternative Transportation Technologies Certificate
C55120 C55120 Basic Law Enforcement Training
A2512CC1 A2512CC1 Business Admin Certificate (HRM concentration)
A40100C2 A40100C2 CAD/BIM (certificate)
A60180C1 A60180C1 Career Pilot Option (certificate)
D35180 D35180 Carpentry
A50210C4 A50210C4 CNC Operator (certificate)
A50210C3 A50210C3 CNC-Set up (certificate)
A6013D1 A6013D1 Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology (diploma)
A50210D2 A50210D2 Computer Integrated Machining (diploma)
A25500C2 A25500C2 Computer Tech Integrated
A35190D1 A35190D1 Construction Management Technologies (diploma)
A55140C1 A55140C1 Cosmetology (certificate)
A55140D1 A55140D1 Cosmetology (diploma)
A55150C1 A55150C1 Culinary Arts (certificate)
A55150D1 A55150D1 Culinary Arts (diploma)
D45240 D45240 Dental Assisting
A25310C6 A23510C6 Dental Coding (certificate)
D60460 D60460 Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technology
A55220C2 A55220C2 Early Childhood Administration (certificate)
A55220C1 A55220C1 Early Childhood Education (certificate)
A55220D1 A55220D1 Early Childhood Education (diploma)
A55220C3 A55220C3 Early Childhood School Age (certificate)
A25310C5 A25310C5 Electronic Medical Records (certificate)
A40200D1 A40200D1 Electronics Engineering Tech (diploma)
A60160C3 A60160C3 Ford Chassis Certificate
A60160C5 A60160C5 General Motors Chasis Certificate
A40420C1 A40420C1 Geomatics Technology (certificate)
A25170C1 A25170C1 Global Logistics Technology (certificate)
A55180C1 A55180C1 Homeland Security (certificate)
A25310C4 A25310C4 Hospital Billing and Coding (certificate)
A4538CC1 A4538CC1 Human Services Technology - Mental Health Technology Certificate
A55220C4 A55220C4 Infant-Toddler Care Certificate
A50210D1 A50210D1 Machinist (diploma)
A50320D1 A50320D1 Manufacturing Technology (diploma)
A25310C3 A25310C3 Medical Office Administration (certificate)
A25310C2 A25310C2 Medical Office Billing & Coding (certificate)
A25130C6 A25130C6 Net Programing (certificate)
A25370C2 A25370C2 Office Administration Software Applicati (certificate)
A45580D1 A45580D1 Pharmacy Technology (diploma)
C35300 C35300 Plumbing (certificate)
A60200C3 A60200C3 Power Plant Option (certificate)
D45660 D45660 Practical Nursing
A4538EC2 A4538EC2 Substance Abuse Treatment Certificate
A45740D1 A45740D1 Surgical Technology (diploma)
A15420C1 A15420C1 Turfgrass Management Technology (certificate)
A15420D1 A15420D1 Turfgrass Management Technology (diploma)
D50420 D50420 Welding Technology
D50420C1 D50420C1 Welding Technology, certificate